Lego Mars Attacks! — Ack! Ack! Ack!

Baronsat's Lego Mars Attacks Ack Ack Ack

Mars Attacks! is having a bit of a resurgence this year with the release of the original trading cards, comic books, collectors book, and an upcoming all new set of trading cards. BaronSat is the one responsible for this creation. A great Lego Mars Attacks Alien trooper. The ray gun looks great, and the back pack is spot on. Even the weird dangly brain pieces near the mouth are there. Just imagine those dangly things shaking while it is talking. “Ack! Ack! Ack!” indeed. Will Mars win this war?

There is also, this great Lego Mars Attacks! Alien Ambassador:

Check out this Lego Mars Attacks Alien over on Flickr:
and on BaronSat’s website:

Lego Mars Attacks! Alien Ambassador.

Lino M's Lego Mars Attacks Alien Ambassador

Mars Attacks! is an interesting sci-fi universe. First appearing in 1962 with a surprisingly successful set of trading cards. Since then Mars Attacks has stayed in the collective subconscious with a sporadic series of releases. With a series of comic books and reprinted trading cards through the 1980’s. It ultimately lead to science-fiction-comedy film directed by Tim Burton in 1996, titled Mars Attacks!. Recently a re-release of the original trading cards, a collectors book, and comics have lead to an all new trading card set, to be released in the near future.

Lino M, over on Flickr, created a great Lego Alien Ambassador from Mars Attacks. Featuring the iconic brain, spindly body, and a cosmic ray gun. Also, check out that throne. Super alien looking, with a minimal use of Lego parts.

Check out this Lego Mars Attacks! Alien Ambassador, by Lino M, over on Flickr: