Do Not Feed The Klingon Bird Of Prey

Kevin J Walter Lego Star Trek Klingon Bird Of Prey Golden Gate

“The Klingon Bird of Prey is, since I can think of, my favorite Spaceship-design and as well the one, which inspired me the most in my childhood and all my own spaceship Models.

After completing the BoP as virtual Model (2008-2010), it was always a dream of me to build it some time with real bricks. I’m really lucky the dream became true six years later!” — Kevin J. Walter

This is a Lego Klingon Bird of Prey, created by Kevin J. Walter. It is a beautiful MOC based on Star Trek. This model was first built digitally, which allowed every piece and brick to be carefully thought out. This served as a “rough draft” for the physical model. There are so many details to take in. The wings are absolutely amazing. The patterns created between the brown structure and the green paneling is something unique. The color combinations lend this model an almost copper color.

Kevin J Walter Lego Star Trek Klingon Bird Of Prey Front Kevin J Walter Lego Star Trek Klingon Bird Of Prey Rear Kevin J Walter Lego Star Trek Klingon Bird Of Prey Detail

What really makes this model stand out is the photography. The masked model with black backgrounds looks good and helps sell this as a starfighter. The downside is that we do not get to see the support structure that holds this ship up. Then there are the photos where the Bird of War has been placed in other photographs using an image editor. The Golden Gate bridge (above) and the Warp scene (below) creates an illusion where the Lego bricks fade away and the ship becomes real.

Kevin J Walter Lego Star Trek Klingon Bird Of Prey Space

Find more about the Lego Klingon Bird of Prey over here:

Lego Star Trek: Resistance Is Futile

Halfbeak's Star Trek: Resistance Is Futile

“We are the Borg. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile.” — Star Trek: First Contact

Star Trek: Into Darkness is looking like a great film, possibly with the most realistic lens flare ever. And, although everybody’s favorite Klingons are rumored to be in the film, everybody’s second favorite villains are missing… the Borg. They are coming soon, resistance is futile.

Halfbeak, of Flickr, created Resistance is Futile. The greebling technique here is used to full effect, rendering the Borg Cube in frightening detail. In all that mess can you spot the clockwork key? Then, by creating a mini build of the Starship Enterprise the illusion of a gigantic Cube is enforced. Using a white Lego minifig torso for the body of the Enterprise is genius, and solves a lot of connection problems that arise when working at this scale.

Resistance is Futile: