This FW-808 Skyraider Has Nice Curves

This FW-808 Skyraider Has Nice Curves, Lego MOC

This is the Lego FW-808 Skyraider created by Vince_Toulouse. The super stylish airplane is a mixture of a bunch of different styles. The end result works well, and stands out from the crowd. The first thing you notice about this flyer are the finger like wings which are made with Lego Technic Helicopter blades. They look great in this application and they look like could flap in the wind. The other major impression this flyer leaves is just how sleek it is. All the curves flow into each other and nothing looks bolted on. The double engine grabs your attention and is contained in dark green curves. The two bubble domes seem very fitting when matches with the retro avocado color scheme. Although the most impressive part of this build is the landing gear. Besides the curving supports, each wheel has a protective ring around them. It all works well.

This FW-808 Skyraider Has Nice Curves Rear Detail, Lego MOC

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This FW-808 Skyraider Has Nice Curves, Lego MOC Engine Detail

A Lego Gee Bee Z Super Sportster Airplane

buggyirk's Lego Gee Bee Airplane

Over on Lego Ideas a Lego Gee Bee Z Super Sportster airplane has landed. This iconic plane features a yellow and black paint job that is instantly recognizable. The sleek fuselage and clean lines proved to be a challenge for the designer, buggyirk, to replicate in Lego. The Lego Gee Bee Z achieved its final shape with only 521 Lego pieces, and a wingspan of 34 studs. You might recognize the Gee Bee from the film “The Rocketeer” but it has a much more interesting history.

buggyirk's Lego Gee Bee Airplane Wingspan

“This iconic plane was originally designed in the golden age of air racing, 1931 by Granville Brothers Aircraft of Springfield, Massachusetts USA. The name “Gee Bee” is short for the (G)ranville (B)rothers name. Designed in the middle of the Great Depression with money from investors, it was dubbed the “City of Springfield”. The Gee Bee Z won every race it had entered including the prestigious Thompson Trophy race. Shortly after the Thompson Trophy win, one of the pilots of the Gee Bee Z, Lowell Bayles, would beat the world speed record of 278.48 mph(448.17 km/h). He beat the record with 4 passes by going an average of 281.75 mph(453.43km/h). Unfortunately, in order to officially beat the record, the airplane had to go 4.97 mph(8 km/h) faster than the previous record. Bayles made his final attempt to beat the record on December 5, 1931. This final attempt would end in disaster. The plane crashed, ending Bayles’s life. On January 14, 1932, Lowell Bayles was posthumously awarded the world speed record of 281.75 mph(453.43 km/h) from his previous attempt.” — buggyirk

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