Lego Friends Taco Truck Mariscos El Lago (Lago Corazon)

fujiia's Lego Friends Taco Truck El Lago

All of your Lego Friends characters need a place too eat. If you don’t have enough time to sit down for lunch; having a quick and convenient option is awesome. This Taco Truck, known as the Marisco El Lago, is ready to satisfy your hunger. The specialize in fish tacos, which is why they like to park near the rowboat club near Heartlake. Most of the details are perfect. The white and gray trash cans are simple and recognizable. The tuck comes with portable seating, and even offers multiple food options. The Food Truck even has those glass/plastic vents/windows on the roof. Also check out those Friends figure mirrors being used for the truck side mirrors. All of your Hipster Friends are ready for some Tacos!

fujiia's Lego Friends Taco Truck El Lago Hipsters

“I chose to build a taco truck, because, having lived in California for about ten years, those are probably what I miss the most from the US now that I am back in France!!

El Lago, of course in reference to Heartlake City (truck is usually parked near the rowboat club ^^) (whaaa?)” — fujiia

fujiia's Lego Friends Taco Truck Mariscos El Lago

This Lego Friends themed Taco Truck El Lago (Lago Corazon!!) is the creation of fujiia, see more here: