Lego Minifigures by 713 Avenue

The Lego Minifigures have sure made an impression. There are well over 150 minifigures spread across 10 releases (and 1 special Olympics release). From several Roman soldiers, to futuristic spacemen and robots, these collectable (or is it collectible?) minifigs have covered almost every topic and theme imaginable. It is hard to imagine just how many of these blind packages figures have been created. There are just so many…

713Avenue's Lego Minifigures Group 01

Flickr user 713 Avenue has created many group photos showing off the amazing variety of these collectable minifigures. These would make for some great backgrounds if high resolution photos are ever released. For now 1024 pixels wide versions on Flickr will have to do.

713Avenue's Lego Minifigures Group 02

Lego Minifigures on Flickr: