Super Cute Lego Chip and Dale, the classic Disney cartoon duo.

MAndM's Lego Chip 'N' Dale Group

Chip and Dale are one of those classic Disney cartoon duos. The two managed to get into trouble often, with Dale leading the way and Chip having to clean up his messes. Originally created in 1943, Chip ’n’ Dale were extremely popular throughout the 1950s. The duo had a huge come back in the late 1980s with Chip ’n Dale Rescue Rangers. Where the two formed a private detective agency. Teaming up with Monterey “Monty” Jack, Gadget Hackwrench, and Zipper. Disney has seemed to have forgotten Chip and Dale everywhere except in Japan, where the two chipmunks are still extremely popular.

MAndM's Lego Chip and Dale, Chip

M and M has built this charming vignette of Chip and Dale in Lego. Using a variety of Lego bricks, these chipmunks have been rendered amazingly well. Especially the faces. Chip and Dale are almost identical, except for their faces. Chip with a black nose, and a large tooth. And, Dale with a red nose and two buck teeth.

MAndM's Lego Chip and Dale, Dale

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