A Lego Infantile Cloud Custom Model, Celebrating Guild Wars 2

Brickstorms's Lego Guild Wars 2 Infantile Cloud

Two of the best things in the world, Guild Wars 2 and Lego, combine in this Lego Infantile Cloud. Brickstorms is celebrating the Super Adventure Box event in Guild Wars 2 by offering instructions to build your own Infantile Cloud. This tiny Lego creation represents the Super Adventure Box event very accurately. Preserving the retro, 8-bit influenced design seen in game. One could even combine this Infantile Cloud with the Lego Minecraft sets for a truly epic build.

Guild Wars 2 Super Adventure Box, Infantile Cloud

Brickstorms is kind enough to host detailed instructions so you too can create an Infantile Cloud. As they say: “Download the instructions and build your own rainbow hovering friend today.”

Brickstorms's Guild Wars 2 Lego Infantile Cloud Instructions

Check out Brickstorms for more details and the Lego Infantile Cloud PDF instructions: