Normandy SR2 — Mass Effect Lego

BennyBrickster's Normandy SR2 - Mass Effect Lego

The Mass Effect Trilogy is one of the most famous modern RPGs of all time. The epic story of Commander Shepard and his legendary crew have inspired an almost unparalleled amount to fan art. Including countless Lego models. The main focus for most Lego builders is the sleek Normandy SR2 starship. The SR2 is the successor of the cutting edge SR1. Making its first appearance in Mass Effect 2, this Cerberus built ship has no comparison, everything about it is lightyears ahead of its closest competition.

Benny Brickster, of Flickr, took over seven months to complete this MOC. The sleek design is especially troublesome, and was recreated here without being too bulky. Curves are always hard to do correctly in Lego, but the larger scale of this spaceship allows it to keep a smooth profile. Also note the beautiful Normandy text, and the SR2 logo; completely made out of standard Lego bricks.

“I’m Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite” starship in the galaxy.

BennyBrickster's Mass Effect Normandy SR2 Detail 2

BennyBrickster's Normandy SR2 - Mass Effect Lego Detail

Check Mass Effects Normandy SR2 here:

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