Look At These Tiny Lego Robots!

FLAVIO'S Tiny Lego Robots, WIFFY: Rotary Saw

Look at these tiny Lego robots. They look so cute, you almost want to give them a hug (watch out for the chainsaw arms!). These WIFFY robots are the creation of Flickr user F L A V I O. They look like they belong in a Mega Man video game. And, could fit in with the Tachikoma walker/robots from the Ghost in the Shell universe. In which case lets hope they never learn to revolt and overthrow their human masters. Their cuteness could kill us all.

FLAVIO'S Tiny Lego Robots, WIFFY: Explorer

Check out these WIFFY robots over on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/68486426@N02/9570783976/

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