Lego X-Men & The Brotherhood Of Mutants

Ricky’s Lego X-Men

The X-Men were and still are my favorite superhero team. Seeing Wolverine and Magneto get their own set recently was great, but what everyone really wants is the whole X-Men team. How cool would a Lego Gambit, and Rogue be? Really cool.

Ricky, of Flickr, just can’t wait for an official Lego X-Men team. So Ricky made his own. Not only that, but he also made a Lego Brotherhood of Mutants. These custom Lego minifigs are great.

Ricky’s Lego Brotherhood Of Mutants

5 thoughts on “Lego X-Men & The Brotherhood Of Mutants”

  1. This is awsome. I’m making my own but only have Cyclops, Jean grey, Professor X, Wolverine, Deadpool, Magneto, Bobby, Pyro and I am about to make a Gambit. They are all custo from the film. About my opion, my favriote is Cyclops/Scott Summers in this and the film. I like His realationship with Jean but am practically alergic to the third film. Wolverine is OK, but not the best (film and lego) and I like Professor X. Magnetos cool and so is bobby. Rouge has a weird voice but is cool in this. Mabye swap Bobby and Pyro’s hair. Pyro is cool in this, but sucks in the films. Mystique, Gambit, Beast and juggernaut are okay, but kind of CREEPY!

  2. Hey! I’m back. Can I say I’m about to publish a book called X-men: Reunited, so give me your e-mail if you like, and I’ll send it to you. Thanks, And bye…I’ll be back…

  3. I’m back! I have a problamo. My nanna cleaned up my lego and broke all of the members. Now I have Cylops, Jean Grey and Prof. X from the films, but have magneto, Wolverine and Spyke from X-men: Evolution (My favroute superheroes cartoon!!!)

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