The Wizard Of Oz VS The Lego Movie

The Wizard Of Oz VS The Lego Movie

This is what happens when the Wizard of Oz gets all mixed up with the Lego Movie. The Wizard of Bricksburg is a mashup created by th_squirrel. It is based off of their Wizard of Oz scene (see below). This version is starring Bad Monkey, the Spacecrow, the Tin Emmet, Lucy, the Cowardly Pirate, and the Wicked Businessman of the West. It is a great example of mixing up Lego collections to create something new. The yellow brick road is a simple collection of 1×2 and 1×1 yellow plates, which lead your eye straight to the Minifigures. A bunch of red flowers are growing off to the side which also help to guide the eye. The brick built background and forced perspective techniques are the highlight of this Lego MOC. Everything is Lego, even the mountains and the Emerald City. What really helps it all fit together is the shallow depth of field from a DSLR camera.

The Wizard Of Oz Lego MOC

You can follow the yellow brick road straight to this Wizard of Oz Lego mashup over here:

There are more Lego Wizard of Oz creations on EveryDayBricks over here:

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