The Hobbit: Azog Minifigure!

SDCC Exclusive Azog Minifigure from FBTB

San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) attendies have another exclusive Lego minifigure to hunt down, named Azog. This exclusive minifig is based on a villain from The Hobbit film. The only way to get this Azog minifigure is to receive it randomly. They are not for sale at the Lego booth. Making this one of the hardest and rarest minifigures to find.

While first mentioned in the Hobbit novel, Azog was a very minor character. The film version of The Hobbit is where Azog, as a character, was greatly expanded. A giant pale Orc with a vendetta.

Source and images from: From Bricks to Bothans:

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