Keep On Training, A Lego Rock Climbing Wall

Keep On Training, A Lego Rock Climbing Wall

The indoor rock climbing wall has become very popular and accessible. You can find climbing walls at state fairs, in new offices, in co-working spaces, and even in kids playgrounds. These walls are easily customizable for all skill levels, and some can even go upside down. It is a great way to exercise with staying inside. This “Keep on training” Lego MOC is the creation of Faber Mandragore. This Minifigure vignette is based on their own experiences training while staying in doors. The scene features a rough brick wall, especially broken up behind the rock wall. The stacked plates look great. The climbing wall is recognizable and even has a bunch of different hand holds. It is good that the little Minifigure has thought of safety and laid out a few foam pads.

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The Lego Friends Stay Fit In This Exercise Room

drspock888's Lego Friends Exercise Room

Even the Lego Friends should spend some time in the gym. This Lego Exercise Room is the creation of dr_spock_888. It features a stationary bike, a variety of  weights, a hydration station, and boombox. Everything you need to get your heart rate up. This MOC is relatively simple, but it works well. Instantly recognizable. Keep it simple is what they say. There might even be more pieces in the flooring then everything else combined. Maybe. Who knew that Mia was such a body builder, even the little cat is amazed!

Check out the Lego Friends Exercise Room here: