Having A Lego Melt Down Over Ice Cream

Lego Melt Down Over Ice Cream

Dropping an ice cream cone can quickly lead to some extreme emotions. This Lego “Melt Down” MOC is the creation of ForlornEmpire. Built as an entry to the MOC Wars 2020, for Category 13: I’m Melting. The scene has been captured well, you can almost hear the screaming in person. In a weird way, the best detail are the tears running down the face. The eyebrows are also well done. Using two different lego elements really emphasizes the extreme emotion. This girl must be careful or she will melt right down that storm drain. The whole scene reminds me of those Garbage Pail Kids cards from the 1980s.

Lego Melt Down Over Ice Cream Detail

Check out this Lego “Melt Down” MOC over here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/eliwillsea/49623854736/

Lego Kid Joker Solves a Maths Problem

Delatron3000's Lego Kid Joker Solves A Maths Problem

Kid Joker certainly has a bright future in store for him. That poor little cat is about to be an unwitting participant in a math experiment. Joker apparently does not need a calculator. Will Kid Batman be able to stop Kid Joker? Delatron3000 built “Kid Joker Solves a Maths Problem” using some impressively creative solutions. With Lego snakes for eyebrows and cat tails, and even Lego arms for fingers. What really sells this MOC is the oversized Joker grin.

See more Lego Kid Joker on Delatron3000’s Flicker page: http://www.flickr.com/photos/delatron3000/9376523848/