The Faroe Islands — A Lego Map

The Faroe Islands — A Lego Map Detail

This is a Lego Map of the Faroe Islands (Føroyar) created by Lasse Vestergård. Based on the collection of islands north of the United Kingdom, and south of Iceland. A little over 52,000 people live in this Danish territory. This Lego map was built for an exhibition on the islands in 2019. The build features 3D buildings representing famous landmarks. A few of these building include Tórshavn Cathedral, the ruined Magnus Cathedral, and the red roofed Sandavágur Church. The flag has been recreated in the left corner, a great way to fill in the empty ocean. A variety of boats and airplanes can be found around the map. The finished build is probably 75% transparent blue. To break up the flat texture of the 1×2 plates, 1×1 round pieces have been scattered around. The end result is a very clean looking Lego Map.

You can read about more details, and see more photos of this Faroe Islands (Føroyar) Lego Map over here:

The Faroe Islands — A Lego Map

The Lego House (4000010) Special Edition Review by CopMike

CopMike Review: The Lego House 4000010 Box

Lego has a super rare set out now called The Lego House (4000010) Special Edition. The set is designed to fit in with the Architecture theme, but is not officially a part of it. What makes this a Special Edition is that it is only sold in Billund, Denmark. Which is the upcoming location of The Lego House. The set is 250 pieces and sold for 149 DKK, which is currently about $27.50.

The Lego House is currently being built in Billund, which is where the Lego Group was founded in 1932. The building will be part museum, and part educational experience (and I’m sure part gift shop).

CopMike Review: The Lego House 4000010 Box Back

CopMike has recently gotten their hands on The Lego House, and posted a full review over on Eurobricks. The set comes with a perfect-bound soft-cover instruction manual, an exclusive (boring) Minifigure, and a bunch of white and trans-clear parts. In fact, two new 1×1 trans clear flat tiles. The final set is not the most exciting, but the limited availability and exclusive Minifig help make up for the design.

CopMike Review: The Lego House 4000010

Check out the full review of The Lego House (4000010) Special Edition by CopMike over on Eurobricks: