Lego Tower Of Orthanc

Lego Tower Of Orthanc, from Brickset

Lego Lord of the Rings gets a new mega set this summer with the Tower of Orthanc (No. 10237). Poor old Saruman will have to live his downfall over and over again. Isengard has never looked better at 2,359 pieces. This will certainly take the majority of a day to build, which is not a problem. The problem is that at 6 floors tall, totaling over 2 feet tall (28in or 73cm), most people will not have room to display this set without having to specifically make room for it. Make sure to check out the the designers video below!

Lego Tower Of Orthanc Details

The Tower of Orthanc will come with minifigs for Saruman, Grima Wormtongue, Gandalf, a random Uruk-hai, and an Orc Pitmaster. Not only that but you will get a rare Great Eagle, and a brick build Ent. You can now reenact all of your favorite scenes, such as the great wizard battle and defeat of Gandalf. One of the rooms of this great tower contains the Palantír of Orthanc (with a light brick!), where Saruman communicates directly with Sauron. You can even reenact Gandalf’s call for help, with a Great Eagle rescuing him just in time. Or, the fall and destruction of the tower as the Ent join battle with the evil Orcs. This set is full of fun details. Hopefully soon, we will get a Treebeard figure that we can add to the battle.

Lego Tower Of Orthanc Palantir from Brickset

Many more images can be found at Brickset’s Flickr page.


The first review of the Tower of Orthanc has been released:

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