The Homer. Powerful like a gorilla, yet soft like a Nerf ball.

BrianWilliams's Lego Simpsons, The Homer

“Tonight we’re going to witness automotive history… powerful like a gorilla, yet soft and yielding like a Nerf ball. Introducing The Homer.” — The Simpsons

The Homer is the creation of Brian Williams, with the assistance of Homer Simpson. The miniaturizing of one of the most infamous vehicles has been handled brilliantly. This is a Lego car that Homer Simpson would be proud of. The child isolation bubble dome, the tail fins, the massive La Cucaracha playing horn, chrome details, and green paint scheme are all present. If you are going to go out of business, there is no finer way.

“Jerry, what’s the sticker price? $82,000! This monstrosity costs $82,000? What have I done?” — The Simpsons

BrianWilliams's Lego Simpsons, The Homer Car

Check out this Lego themed “The Homer” MOC over on Flickr:

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