Cleared for Landing, an Extraordinary Sci-fi Hanger by Raoulosos

Raoulosos' Lego Sci-fi Hanger 1

Lego and Science Fiction go together perfectly. You might even say it is one of the most preferred ways to render futuristic ideas in the present. Here is a starship hanger that shows off exactly what Lego can do. With a lot of great details, for instance: the LCD display (not Lego), Japanese signage, two rafts, two owls, and even a tiny frog. This is also a great example on how to repurpose your seemingly useless Lego pieces.

Most important to this Hanger is the use of color. By using complementary and contrasting colors, Raoulosos, is able to highlight certain details that would otherwise go unseen. Especially apparent with the starship, the tan and green make sure that it stands out from the scenery.

Raoulosos' Lego Hanger 6

Check out more details on this Lego Sci-fi Hanger on Raoulosos’s Flickr page:

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