This Lego Delorean Is Almost Outatime

Lego Delorean Is Almost Outatime

The Delorean will always be associated with the film Back to the Future. It is one of the most iconic vehicles in the movies. So it makes sense that there are a lot of Delorean Lego builds. The official Lego Back to the Future Delorean (21103) is an excellent version, but it is a little rough. Most people critiqued the way the hood was broken up into two levels of plates and not smooth. This version of the Delorean, by Łukasz Libuszewski is much smoother. It is a normal version of the car, not the time traveling one. The sloping hood here is very well done, but it does leave how it was achieved up to the imagination. It looks like it can only hold one Minifigure, which is the same as the official release (although with a simple mod, you can fit two). This Lego MOC is so well done I want to see it turned into the more famous time machine.

Lego Delorean Car

Check out the Lego Delorean by Łukasz Libuszewski over here:

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