The Lego Ultra Mecha Dragon

The Lego Ultra Mecha Dragon

The Ultra Mecha Dragon is a Lego MOC built by Christian Lintan. This is a scaled up version of their Mecha Dragon. This big beast is over four feet long, and two feet high. Just big enough to ride most rollercoasters. Monochromatic Lego creations are pretty rare. The only thing not white on this dragon are the eyes, which are transparent clear pieces. It is hard to build something interesting when you limit yourself so much. This dragon is a great example of overcoming that challenge. The use of patterns is excellent. Alternating between SNOT building techniques and reverse studs helps to give the impression of scales. Each segment of the body is also accented with some Lego teeth. The end result is a good example of not over detailing a model.

The Lego Ultra Mecha Dragon Head Detail

You can find more of this Lego Ultra Mech Dragon over here:

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