The Lego SeaDragon Needs An Ace Pilot

The Lego SeaDragon Needs An Ace Pilot

Airplanes are only as good as their pilots. A well loved, well taken care of, well piloted plane can take you anywhere. This Lego airplane called the “SeaDragon” is the creation of Sylon-tw. An ace pilot is exactly what this sea plane needs. The prop plane has been build using SNOT techniques, and the few exposed studs represent steel rivets. A giant engine is needed to fly this propeller plane, and this one has details using little Minifigure pistols. The cockpit is open, but contains all the features needed. A seat, dials, and joystick are all present in Lego. The wing airfoils are a great shape, and the flaps look especially good. All bringing this together is a careful use of custom stickers.

The Lego Sea Dragon Needs An Ace Pilot Details

Check out more of this “SeaDragon” and its Ace Pilot over here:

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