Lego Stargate Box Diorama

Brian Williams's Lego Stargate

The science fiction universe of Stargate is one of those series that has managed to find its audience. The fans have managed to keep Stargate alive, from a Movie to multiple TV shows. There are theme park rides, video games, fan fictions, and books. Even Lego haven’t been left behind in the Stargate movement. This MOC, created by Brian Williams (aka: BMW_Indy) is a great build. Featuring some seriously good lighting, and a tightly controlled perspective. The Stargate itself is the center piece, and is integrated with a tablet display to create the wormhole special effect. At first glance, it is easy to assume you are looking at a scene from the movie. This style of building is being called a box diorama, and many of them were on show at Brickworld.

Check out the video below to see how the lighting interacts with the Lego:

Check out Stargate on Flickr: