StarCraft Marine

Luis Castenada's Lego StarCraft Marine

“You wanna piece of me, boy?”

There are many units from StarCraft and the Space Marine is the most basic Terran infantry unit. Just put him in a bunker and watch him rain death.

This little guy is a very impressive MOC by Luis Castenada. He has been made with an assortment of Lego parts, mostly Hero Factory, mixed in with normal Lego pieces. Although criticized for their lack of usefulness, the Hero Factory Lego parts pop up from time to time in amazing builds. Here they are used in great effect to create the Marines Pressurized Power Suit. The C-14 rifle is also a great example of the standard Lego bricks being put to good use, and looks like it could take out a few hundred Zerg. The only non-Lego piece is the face, which is a painted custom part.

In the past few years this Lego StarCraft Marine has gotten around, even appearing on the cover of BrickJournal: Issue 17. You can check him out on Mark Stafford’s Flickr page: