Accidents Happen With Lego Calligraphy

Accidents Happen With Lego Calligraphy, Ink Blot

A blank page. It could be the beginning of a novel, a new journal, a secret diary, a life study, even a comic page, or it could be a giant ink blot. An all too common problem, even for Lego calligraphy. This Lego MOC is called “Blot” and is the work of Milk Mocer. It features a writting desk, a blank book, pen and ink, a pencil, and an eraser. All the tools need to start your next project. Now is a perfect time to practice your Lego calligraphy. The pen is made up of a bunch of the clicky hinge pieces for the handle, and claws for the pen nib. The book has a great shape made with slopes. Everything here is built using SNOT techniques. For some reason the pink 1×1 round really stand out as the pencil eraser, simple and perfect.

Check out this Lego MOC called “Blot” over here:

Painting A Rainbow With Lego

Painting A Rainbow With Lego

“Rainbow for Children” is a Lego creation by 0937 Superfan. The rainbow painting is a great Lego MOC. Especially the effect used for creating a wrinkled piece of paper. The white plates broken up and angled at various spots works well. The paper looks like it is mostly two layers of Lego, with maybe a few sections of only one layer. This allows the rainbow painting to be on the same level as the paper. The paint brushes and pencil are also Lego creations. The brush tips are all different. The yellow is using a banana piece, blue is a Minifigure helmet feather piece, and the red is a snake. The tops of the paint brushes use soda can 1×1 prints, and a padlock 1×1 print. This rainbow is part of the Lego challenge, #LetsBuildTogether, in which the goal is to create and share rainbows. For this challenge, Lego will donate 500,000 sets to children in need.

Check out the “Rainbow for Children” Lego MOC over here:

There is also a lot more information about the #LetsBuildTogether challenge over here:

Get To Work With These Lego Tools

Get To Works With These Lego Power Tools

Getting ready for some Lego remodel work? You’re going to need some Lego tools. This Lego MOC is the creation of -derjoe-. This collection of Lego tools includes a cordless Metabo Power Drill, hammer, razor blade, screwdriver, pencil, a box of screws, and a level. All of these have been built with the SNOT style, which is impressive as there are a lot of different angles and shapes to work with. Some of the great details include the window on the screw box, the contoured handles of the hammer and razor, and the pencil. The star of the group is the Metabo Drill. The build is extremely life like, and when viewed at a smaller size it can fool anyone. Especially the clutch and chuck. The only thing missing is a Lego toolbox.

You can check out more information about these Lego Tools over here: