The Lego Story. A Beautifully Animated History of Lego.

The Lego Story, An Animated History of Lego.

Have you ever wondered where the Lego brick comes from? Well, for the 80th anniversary of The LEGO Group a beautifully animated history of the company was produced. The Lego Story focuses on the history between 1932 to 1968. This story has it all, a failed business, new ideas, a tragic fire, the invention of the Lego System, and the resulting success. It is easy to compare the quality of animation with some of the work that Pixar has done, which is saying a lot. This really is a must see video.

Lego also made a little bloopers and outtakes reel. Even poking fun at everyones worst nightmare: stepping on a Lego. Haha… ouch.