Object 6-C: Five Lego Circles Dripping

Object 6-C: Five Lego Circles Dripping

This is Object 6-C, a Lego MOC by Mitsuru Nikaido. This object is five Lego rings that seem to melting. With blue, black, red, yellow and green drips. The drips of color are all instantly recognizable. The circles themselves are very impressive. A bunch of 1×1 blocks with studs on all sides, and a lot of black joints. A very simple, and very effective way to build a circle out of Lego.

Object 6-C: Five Lego Circles Dripped

Check out more photos and angles of “Object 6-C” over here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/142497481@N02/49703301002/

I Spy … a Pie!

eilonwy77's I Spy, A Pie

“I spy a pie, a monster’s green legs,
Six butterflies and a bird that lays eggs.
A turtle, a clam, seven long snakes,
Four forks, three knives, and a pan to bake cakes.”

Katie Walker, aka eilonwy77, of Flickr posted this wonderful Lego image. It is almost a mosaic, and almost a MOC. One thing is for certain, this looks very delicate, and very hard to move around. Using all of these different parts to create an I Spy image is genius. It reminds me of the Hidden Object game in the Highlights magazine.

Go check this out at http://www.flickr.com/photos/eilonwy77/9045294987/ for the I Spy game.