The Carbon Freeze Chamber – Lego Star Wars

The Carbon Freeze Chamber – Lego Star Wars

In Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, Han Solo finds himself in some trouble while on Cloud City. Lego has released an official set (75137) based on this exact moment back in 2016. If you imagine what a much more elaborate version of that set would be, than you would get this Lego MOC. The Carbon Freeze Chamber is the creation of I Scream Clone. A huge build, with fancy LED lighting that really helps to set the mood. The design is built around a giant decagon that uses a lot of 1×2 flat Lego grills. This allows the light to shine up through the structure, which is accurate to the film version. Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Lando Calrissian, Princess Leia, Chewbacca and C3p0 are all in attendance. Along with a whole host of Stormtroopers and other onlookers. A few of the many great details includes Chewy carrying C3P0’s broken remains, the various tubes and tanks around the room, and the maintenance workers down below. The center of the machine can even lower and raise as Han Solo gets frozen.

The Carbon Freeze Chamber – Lego Star Wars - With Lights

The designer, I Scream Clone, has even created a set of instructions for this Lego Carbon Freeze Chamber. You will need around 3,000 Lego pieces and a few LED strips to recreate this. You can find those instructions over here:

The Carbon Freeze Chamber – Star Wars - Lego Instructions

There is also a short video showing off this Lego MOC below, or over here:

Darth Vader Hallway Battle – Lego Star Wars

Darth Vader Hallway Battle - Lego Star Wars, Ready For Action

Darth Vader made a huge impression back in Star Wars: A New Hope, leading an assault against the Tantive IV. The Rebels try to mount a defense and protect Princess Leia, but they are no match against the Empire. This opening scene is so iconic, it makes a reappearance almost 40 years later in Rogue One. This Hallway Battle Lego MOC is created by CozzD. The interior hallway walls look great when lit from above by bright white lights. The iconic doorway has been recreated here too, and includes one well placed sticker. The Rebels look ready to defend it to the end, but as you can see below it doesn’t go well for them.

Darth Vader Hallway Battle - Lego Star Wars

Check out this Darth Vader Hallway Battle, and many more photos over here: