Is This A Real Coffee Machine Or Lego?

Lego Coffee Brewer

There are so many ways to make a good cup of coffee. Some of the most popular ways to prepare the drink is as a Cappuccino or Latte. A good coffee machine is needed to get the correct amounts of hot water, beans, pressure, and milk. Then there are a lot of moving parts, dials and nozzles to deal with. All of which are accurately recreated with this Lego Espresso Machine built by Breado’s Bricks. The black and chrome Lego pieces match the design of most real machines. But the best detail is the orange brick/light on the front. A great Lego MOC can pass for the real thing, and this coffee machine can certainly fool you at smaller sizes. You can almost smell the coffee.

Lego Coffee Machine

You can check out the “Coffee Brewer” by Breado’s Bricks over here: