The Silver Nail, A Lego Android

The Silver Nail, A Lego Android

This is the deadly Lego android named Silver Nail, created by Moko. The first striking thing about his figure is the use of a lot of silver plated Lego pieces. A very rare color in the Lego world. You can find a lot of surprising parts in this android. There are a few golden rings used in the fingers, and elbow. Count Dooku’s light saber hilt helps make up the fingers, as do some silver knifes. The silver is contrasted with a black and white design, and vibrant purple hair. An inside out Lego tire is used to make a skirt, which does not prevent the figure from taking any pose that it wants. There is a lot of articulation built into this mech. Double jointed knees, ankles, toes, hips, shoulders, elbows, hands, fingers, head, and even each strand of hair.

The Silver Nail, A Lego Android Pose

You can go find a lot more photos of Silver Nail the Lego Android over here:

Crazy Arms For Lego Minifigures

Crazy Bricks, Crazy Arms Lego Kickstarter

One of the most aggravating things about the Lego Minifigures is their limited articulation. They seem to have a problem reaching their face, or anywhere in front of their bodies. There a a few complicated solutions for this that involve rubber bands, and/or clips. These solutions stick to official Lego parts, but can be very fragile.

Crazy Bricks has a solution called Crazy Arms. And, the good news is they just released a Kickstarter for their solution (here). They have found a way to attach their own arms with using a removable and replaceable system that is completely compatible with Lego Minifigures. To start off with they are offering two different arms. One that is posed in front of the torso, and another that is stretched out to the side. These are easily the two most appealing poses.

Crazy Bricks, Crazy Arms Lego Minifigures
Crazy Bricks, Crazy Arms Lego Drawings

Kickstarter Details here: