Castle Grayskull

Fraslund's Grayskull He–Man

“By the Power of Grayskull”, who knew that Lego would be such a great medium for rendering 80’s cartoons in 3D!

Flickr user Fraslund’s Grayskull He–Man is perfect. Master of the Lego Universe indeed. All night I will be saying “I Have the Power!”.

Cowabunga: Turtle Party Wagon (TMNT)

LegoJalex’s Turtle Party Wagon (TMNT)

The new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (TMNT) sets have some of the most expressive Minifigs, too bad most of the set designs are based off the newer shows. Now if Lego could release some sets with the animated 80’s style, they would sell boat loads.

Flickr user LegoJalex created the classic Turtle Party Wagon. Totally awesome! For some reason I feel like some pizza…

Early Explorations Of Foogara–7

Early explorations of Foogara-7

The best science fiction landscapes are the ones that look the most foreign. A great example of this is Brickthing’s MOC “Early Explorations Of Foogara–7.

“Analysis of preliminary scans indicated that Foogara-7 was a hostile and lifeless planet due to the poisonous Chlorine air and noxious swamps. However, an accidental secondary scan revealed a myriad of flora covering the planet surface, somehow able to survive in the seemingly uninhabitable environment.”

Some of the alien flora is beyond amazing.

Early explorations of Foogara-7 Detail