The Canon EOS 5D Lego Camera

The Canon EOS 5D Lego Camera

The Canon EOS 5D Mark IV is one of the most popular DSLR camera in the current market. It is only fitting that someone would recreate it in Lego. This Lego Canon camera is the creation of Sheo. Everything is made of lego but the camera strap. The lens, viewfinder, and even the mirror are all lego. The use of some custom decals really helps to recreate the original. The camera features all of its ports and access points. It has lego memory cards, a lego battery, and lego USB ports. The viewfinder is on and showing the subject, a house, which is also made up of lego. I wonder if this MOC was photographed on a real EOS 5D?

The Canon EOS 5D Lego Camera Detail

Check out the Lego Canon EOS 5D Mark IV camera over here:

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