Build Something Awesome with Google’s Build with Chrome Website

Google and Lego: Build with Chrome

Google and Lego have teamed up to create the “Build with Chrome” experiment. You can create and share Lego projects through a WebGL based website that is designed to be used with Google Chrome. Although I had no trouble at all using Apple Safari. There are three modes to explore on the website, a map of the world that lets you look at other peoples creations, the actual building website, and the “Build Academy.” Minifigures from the Lego Movie make cameo appearances in the Build Academy, which is a series of tutorials.

Build with Chrome started out in Australia as an experiment. Since then the site has been expanded out and now covers the whole world. You can pick a piece of unbuilt land, or use a randomly assigned plot to design your creation. Each plot is a 32×32 baseplate, with coloring based on a low resolution Google Map of the surrounding area. There are 21 basic bricks that come in 10 colors. Which means the LDD has nothing to worry about for now…

Check out the Build with Chrome website here: