An Awesome Lego Classic Space Jacket

EvilMadScientist's Lego Classic Space Flight Jacket 01

The Lego Classic Space Logo is an icon for everything Lego did right in the 1980’s. It is extremely recognizable, and embodies the optimism that the world was going through at the time. It seemed that through the 1990’s Lego was quick to forget this. Going from a classical space exploration theme into something more extreme. Since then there has been a resurgence in this classic theme. Lego has even recognized this trend, and has been making references to its popularity. One can only hope a full theme will land in the future.

Evil Mad Scientist has recently created a hand painted Classic Space jacket featuring the Lego Classic Space Logo. The beautiful simplicity of the logo means that this is a relatively easy project to do yourself. Evil Mad Scientist has included detailed step by step instructions.

EvilMadScientist's Lego Classic Space Jacket WorkingEvilMadScientist's Classic Lego Space Jacket Process

The use of stencils and leather paints means that almost anyone can create one of these flight jackets. The whole project can be finished up in a few days. If you happen to have an old leather jacket around then this turns into a pretty cheap project.

EvilMadScientist's Classic Lego Space Flight Jacket Detail

Make sure to read more about Evil Mad Scientist’s Classic Space Jacket here: for the detailed instructions and photos.